Live architecture

I call living architecture as a living, lifelike architecture, like the "liveable city". Which architecture can live a city, village, country, home. It helps natural communities (family, but not at work, school breaks, street, village), healthy life (walking, good air, sunshine). I try to design this way.

Building materials include wood, loam, ceramic, real tiles, real bricks. Do not have plastic for insulation, window, floor.

The house (residential, office, shop) should be homey, durable, healthy, suitable for social gatherings. Do not hurt your surroundings, the dimensions or sounds of your neighborhood (outside air humidifier or boiler nightfall).

There is a window and a natural light, air. The unobtrusive space with dirty air flowing in pipes is inhumane.

Cooling is suitable for low-shaded houses and park-cooled towns. Waste is the asphalted cities with energy-saving outdoor units.

Artificial light should be gentle (a lot weaker than the prescribed) and healthy light. Dazzling, polluting fluorescent lamps, LEDs, vibrant violent advertising lights are harmful, unfriendly, ugly.

So let's build a thrill so that a man, a citizen, a city-dweller, can feel good at home and in his place of residence:

You can go to the nearby park, walk in safe, noise, car, stress, advertising and a thief-free environment, meeting friends and acquaintances.

Walk to your nearby workplace, school, market, and spa. For these reasons, you do not have to work for a car, watch buses, go to countryside, travel abroad.

Feel good in your city, be friendly, relaxed. Smog, the bright and noisy advertising, the lack of community spaces, parks, promenades, and showers do not cost you expensive foreigners.

My works

My work on the website is, in my hope, a reflection of the above intentions and can help those who build for a similar purpose. Many plans have not been built or not as I would have liked. Some of these designs can be used on site. I would be delighted if they were useful. Especially the Saint László pilgrimage chapel designed for Gyimes.


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